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Fuel is one of your main items of expenditure. Our fuel card offers Blue Star card customers a simple, effective way to control their fuel cost, and help keep paperwork to a minimum.

Blue Star Fuel Line offers a leading fuel management service. Below are just some of the benefits you will experience from this service:


Access to fuel across the UK.

Drivers can use Blue Star fuel cards in over 2,200+ filling stations across the UK. This includes the leading fuel brands, over 300 motorway services and many low-cost supermarket sites. With such a large network of fuel st

ations to choose from, your drivers won't waste time and fuel searching for somewhere to refuel.

Manage your fuel costs with online account management

You can quickly monitor your fuel spend at any time with secure online web access to your account & management drawings reports. Not only does this information enable you to set fuel policies and monitor compliance, it may even help you identify potential savings too. We provide detailed invoices with drawings reports, displaying Card Number, Site Details, Date/time, Registration Number, Odometer (If supplied) Product Description & Quantity of each transaction.

Invoice processing and VAT

All your fuel costs appear on a single consolidated VAT invoice for each country, from which you draw fuel.

For the UK

Drawings can be categorized by card and by site enabling you to reallocate cost and produce reports with ease. So, there is no longer any need to keep or process individual till receipts, saving you valuable time and resources. All invoices are fully itemised and Inland Revenue/VAT approved. Fuel Card accounts are held in a company name (where relevant), therefore all fuel is purchased directly by the company and all VAT can therefore be reclaimed, by the company, without the need to supply individual VAT receipts - the ideal solution!


Secure and flexible

Advanced security features, such as the ability to detect suspect transaction patterns, make Blue Star Fuel cards safe as well as convenient. You can also control how the card is used, by encoding the card with purchase restrictions and limitations. It can be programmed for Diesel, Lube Oil, Gas oil and Motor Spirit purchases depending on your choice. Cards are also, embossed with your vehicle registration number for maximum security.

The 'Smart' chip card is now recognised as one of the most secure fuel cards within the industry. Cloning of the card is impossible and this renders it exceptionally secure.